Our Supporters

A Kickstarter campaign was our first step in funding the Arming Sisters documentary. With over 353 individual backers, we surpassed our goal. A special thanks to the donors listed below:

It's not too late to help support our film.

River Mryddin
4 Bears Casino
Dave Bren
Susan Scirica
Arielle Berrick
Will Tomlinson
Erin Maile O'Keefe
Rob Krieger
Sarah Wise
Cathy Osman
Kim Peuser
Danny Higgins
Joanne Alexander
Margarete Cooke
Alicia Garcia
Alejandro Marin
Nancy Sullivan
Kurt Marquis
Lee Edmundson
Jim Heck
Kathleen Morgan
Nat Winthrop
Barbara Thrasher
Laura D'Angelo
Sharon Feather
Susan McGinnis
Mary Alice Ka'iulani Milham
Gina O'Feral
Chris Zappala
M.E. DePalma
Barbara Gray
Melissa Leo
Kate Kelley
Virginia Joffe
Jay Craven
Joshua Cobb
Bill Heck
Marcia Romero
John Manko
Liz Heck
Arianne Rand
Kyle Rand
Frank Krochmal
John Parsell
Wesley Stevens
Atticus O'Feral
Kali Tupper Richards
Mischa Hedges
Georgia Pantazopoulos
Sandy Berrigan
Jeff Gaffney
Jennifer Smyth
Mary Smyth
Movies From Marlboro
Tristan Mathews
Adam Lukens
Dave Richards
Hudson Lines
Sara Scirica Gilman
Kajsa Reeves
Tony Bacic
Ellen Snortland
Donna Coleman
Jon Clarke
Britton Sliwinski
Marion Girard
Sarah Canizzaro